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Divorce is inherently divisive, and can leave many individuals, especially children, feeling unsupported and unstable. This emotional challenge is often matched by the financial challenges that follow a divorce for both parents. Expenses that were once shared now double for each party as they maintain two entirely separate households.

It is best for the minor children involved to have two reliable and financially secure parents who can contribute to his or her health and well-being without sacrificing their own. Developing a strong and long-lasting child support agreement can greatly influence your and your child’s lives for years to come.

At Smith & Parnell LLC, we are committed to helping you find effective and favorable solutions to your financial challenges after a divorce. Schedule a consultation with our firm today to learn more.

Determining Child Support Payments For Divorcing And Unmarried Couples Throughout Missouri

Any couple with children can end up in the middle of a child support dispute when they decide to go their separate ways. Couples do not have to be legally married to work out child custody or child support arrangements when the relationship ends.

In Missouri, court ordered payments are calculated based on standardized information. Criteria used to determine child support payments for both married and unmarried couples include:

  • The child’s financial needs and resources
  • The parent’s financial needs and resources
  • The family’s standard of living prior to divorce
  • Physical and legal child custody arrangements and the amount of time spent with each parent
  • The parent’s employment and work-related expenses

All of these details are important, but also provide a limited understanding of a family’s financial situation. Perhaps you, your spouse or your child has complex health issues. Perhaps your child requires special, costly educational assistance.

No two families have the same personal or financial needs, which is why any methods used to pursue child custody arrangements or support modifications should be tailored to your family’s specific situation. This could be done through settlements outside of court or through trial proceedings before a judge.

We give our clients the information they need to weigh their options and develop a plan of action that reflects their goals. We are willing and able to advocate for their needs inside and outside the courtroom as their cases demand.

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