Columbia Law Firm Serving Clients Throughout Missouri

The Columbia law firm of Smith & Parnell LLC is composed of attorneys David Tyson Smith and Malia Parnell: two recognized leaders in Missouri legal representation. They approach every case with genuine concern for how clients are personally affected by legal challenges and lead our firm with the cornerstones of integrity and the highest ethical standards in law and in life.

At Smith & Parnell LLC, we recognize the prevalence of injustices our clients are up against in the legal system. Rather than simply letting the law happen to them, we take an active role, helping them address their needs while creating situations that work in their favor.

Even if you are struggling with a legal issue that seems like a lost cause, do not throw in the towel. Our team of litigators is known for achieving notable results in even the most challenging cases.

We represent clients throughout Missouri in cases of personal injury, criminal defense, family law and divorce. Our clients contact us during some of the most challenging hardships they have ever experienced — ones that include financial trouble, health care issues, contentious personal relationships and the threat of consequences in the criminal justice system.

If you are worried about your future or that of your loved ones, make sure to work with an experienced lawyer who will stand by your side every step of the way. Contact Smith & Parnell LLC for more information.

Strength In Litigation | Strategy In Negotiation

Information plays a crucial role in the success of any case. When you contact our firm, you will have the opportunity to work directly with the attorney who represents you. You will gain an understanding of the challenges ahead and what legal processes can be used to remedy the situation.

We take the time to thoroughly investigate the details of every case, address our clients' unique goals and develop customized strategies for overcoming obstacles in the legal system.

We encourage our clients to ask questions, and we offer clear, straightforward information about what our experience has shown to be most effective in each case. We have achieved favorable results as aggressive litigators in courtroom proceedings and as skillful negotiators in settlements.

Schedule a consultation by contacting us online or by telephone at 573-442-4646 to discuss your legal needs with an experienced attorney at Smith & Parnell LLC. We are here to help.