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Any criminal charge carries penalties that can have a serious effect on your life. Beyond the prevailing of incarceration and steep fines is the permanence of a criminal record. It can be damaging to your future, holding you back from being admitted to certain schools, getting a good job or owning a home.

If you’re arrested for a crime, don’t make statements to the police. Talk to an attorney first. Our firm will respond to you quickly and effectively to make sure your rights are protected.

As Columbia criminal defense attorneys, we do not simply let the law happen to our clients, and we are not afraid to stand up against law enforcement or prosecutors who fail to uphold standards of ethics and integrity in criminal justice. When we take your side, we defend you with every fiber of our being because you have rights worthy of protecting.

We handle a wide range of Missouri criminal defense matters, including:

Overcoming DUI And Drug Charges

Columbia is a college town, so it’s no surprise that a lot of students of college age get into trouble over things like DWI and drugs. Meth has become a larger concern for law enforcement and prosecutors, and arrests are frequently made for possession of methamphetamines and other controlled substances like marijuana, cocaine and prescription medication.

We have successfully defended many people against criminal charges, from college students pulled over without just cause to individuals accused of trafficking and distribution because of drugs, guns, baggies and paraphernalia found in their possession.

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